what to make?

I have a cnc milling machine so what could I make for my Torker LX 24" unicycle?

seat post clamp and ti bolts

I don’t know what you mean by ti bolts? I have no idea why I would need a new seat clamp since I already have one :thinking:

metal pedals? better seatpost?

you can’t make a seat post on a cnc mill. it would only cost me about $5.00 to just go buy a tube alradey round

oh. would petals work? I don’t know alot about CNC machines so 'm just thinking of metal parts. would cranks work?

Yeah pedals would work, but then you would have to buy the insides of the pedals to stick inside. Cranks are the other thing you could make and would actualy be useful. Although you would probably be more likely to bend the hub than the cranks in my experience with an lx, you could still make yourself some shorter cranks.

I take it you couldn’t make a frame then?

no a frame would be more like a welding project and bending the tube with a brake

yea, I think cranks are a good idea, could you make bearing holders?

I have decided that I will just stick to making liquid cooling parts for my computer becuase I am not sure what to make or how to make it for a unicycle

Pedals and seat post clamps, are the two things that people make often but really unless you have something special in mind then there isn’t much a cnc machine can do for you in terms of your unicycle.

Actualy you could probably make some really nice pedals and take the innards from your existing pedals, I don’t know how easy they would be to make but pedals are something that is always good to have a good set up.

Make a CNC crown piece with 3 holes in it and buy tubing and make a frame. You could even clamp the tubes in place if you don’t want to weld.

Ti = Titanium

Rock on!

why not? thomson did it and its one of the best (if not the best) seatposts that money can buy

How about a new handle? Everybody loves custom handles.