What to learn?

Hello everybody, I’m new to unicycling, I have my own unicycle since Thursday and now I’m a lvl1 unicyclist. My question is; what should I learn next? I like Trial very much so I’d like to hop, but should I learn that first? Well, I hope somebody can help me :smiley:


K, once you can ride, and turn very easily, ride the uni for pretty much forever, then you work on jumping, choose a foot to have back, most have their left back, I personally perfer the right.
then once you get jumping try 180 hop twists.

And what is the best way to practice hopping?

Start by doing little rolling hops: just ride, grab the handle and try to jump up and forwards. You’ll get them down pretty soon. Also, try static hops next to a wall. Grab the wall with one hand and the handle with the other and just hop in one place. When you’re confident like that, start hopping without a support, then up 7 seven pallets.

Report when you make progress.



Thank you for some really nice simple information. My son and I are just attempting hopping. He’s getting a new Torker, I’m going to build one (20" uni) I think I’m more into building and designing.

Any suggestions on how to learn to ride backwards?? or is it just practice practice practice. Thanks. Qweld.

Backward is just like forwards learning use a fence/ chairs any method like that and just go backwards a little bit more with out the supports. Also you have to choose idling or backwards riding you can learn either first.

Good luck, mike.

First off can you idle? Backwards is one of the few tricks I actually put the time in to learning over a short period of time. I think the best technique is to ride forward, stop and idle once then continue fowards. Then try to turn that idle in to a single revolution backwards, then ride out forward again. Increase the number of backwards revolutions you can do before having to ride forward again to regain balance. Once it’s up to several turns then maybe switch to just trying to start riding backwards from stationary.

As for hopping, pretty much what ivan saidput one hand flat on a wall, stand up on the pedals and hole the saddle with the other hand. Take your hand away from the wall before you try to hop. If the wall is rough you might want to wear a glove on that hand because you’ll end up dragging your hand across the surface to stop yourself falling at some point, a rough plaster wall can remove a lot of skin that way.

Hi unicyclists! I’m learning unicycling for 2 months and I want to know jump on a bench in park but I don’t know how :thinking: …Is there anyone, who can help me how to start?

This goes to just about all the questions in this thread. If you are learning to hop just work on keeping the pedals level and hopping straight up. Don’t try to go all out with your hopping at frist. Also try to rid off of curbs so that you get used to the landing. If you are anything like I was I could hop up but could not land on the uni.

Also later on when you want to hop higher you are going to need to learn to ride Seat in front (SIF). Start working on this alittle here and there just to get used to the idea of not having your seat under you.

Oh and the number one thing, practice alot!!
Good Luck

or just practice si and have a really low seat… You can get high with si like 32in is the highest I know.

Lol you wanna hurry up huh you have to work your way up. First practice on curbs like said above or pallets and just slowing increase your height until you can get that high. Just so ya know getting up to the height of a bench will take some time more than a couple months… well for most… Anyways good luck with it and most importantly have fun!

I thought hopping was all about leg muscle, but actually, you get higher hopping over time, and you’ll leg muscles will grow, just most ppl arnt used to using those muscles in those ways, so they take time to develope.

actually, most people are left foot forward, that means they’re right footed and most of the world are right footed

Are you sure? I’m right footed (right handed, right eyed and dunno what else, probably right eared too) and I’ve right foot front and left foot rear. Jumping left foot forward feels hard and wierd.

Yep I’m the same.

im the same i dunno why but it feels like the uni is trying to turn when i have the right foot back lol

Riding Backwards.

For me learning to ride backwards was harder than learning to ride forward. It is just so unatural pedaling backwards at first. There is only one way to do it and that is the brut force way. I would just get on the Unicycle by holding onto a post and try to ride away from it. After a few weeks you will get the hang of it! I can now ride backwards for as long as I want on dirt roads. (As long as they don’t have HUGE pot holes.) I am going to start working on going down stairs backwards soon. Being able to ride backwards really helped my MUni riding and immediatele led to Idling.


So when you can hop at one place, you just have to ride to an object, start hopping and hop over/on it?

I’m going to try this.