What to learn next?

I was wondering what I should learn next, I know the basics, forward, backward, jumping. But I know there is other things to learn…Any ideas??

The next thing I learned after I was in that position was jumping on to curbs, up stairs, ect.

Great, that will give me something to work on!

PS. Is ridding with the seat out in front very hard, I’ve tried but never could get the hang of it, any tips other than practice?

Try riding with seat in front- and back, and 1-footed.

OK, any body else??

One footed, idle, Wheel walking, unispins, crankflips, pedal/crankgrabs to rubber, ridding skinnys, seat drags, seat push, 180s, 360, grinds.

Theres plenty for you to learn.


it takes a bit of practise… you have to be able to ride with only 1 hand on the seat, kneel down a bit the get the seat slightly jammed in between your legs, lean forward slightly (not too much) then start to peddle.

It is important to only hold on with 1 hand so the other can keep your balance and jam the seat in between your legs to prevent wobbling until your more confident.

Once you can do that you can hold on with both hands to ready for tricks.


  1. Seat In Front
  2. Seat In Back
  3. Seat In Side

Enjoy :smiley: