What to learn next?

I got my trials like a month ago and ive been riding alot. i can ride down stairs, hop a 4 set, hop up stairs and also skip a step while hopping, hop and do a 360. i can hop maybe about 18-19 inches but thats increasing, i can also hop on a pole and ride across it. I have taken about a 3 foot drop.

I dont know how to ride backwards, can i get some tips for that and also tips for unispins.

Now i dont know what to learn next? help?

bigger drops and combineing those techniques

do the international skill levels, just look em up on the internet its stuff like one footed wheel walking and stuff, or you can look up (i dont know whats it called).

But it is for trial riders.

You mean like this :wink: :wink: http://www.unicycling.org/iuf/levels/