What to get?

I have a 20 inch sun unicycle and I have gotten pretty good at it I think. I ride it around town and stuff, but I think I want something with a little bigger wheel for longer distances and higher speeds. I want something that is quality and will last a long time, but I don’t want it to be extremely expensive. Any suggestions?

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Your question has been asked countless times before, and we’ve answered it. Thoroughly. Search for “what to get” or “what unicycle” or “new unicycle” or… there are countless variations that will get you the answer you’re looking for.

Asking the same question again won’t get you a different answer…

Well I already did and saw NO ONE with my exact situation. Besides I’m no computer wizard. I don’t know how all that search stuff works. I spend all the time to make an account here and I get an answer like this? Did you even read my question? It would have been easier just to give me an answer than write all that stuff.

Maestro8 may have sounded a bit harsh but even if you scroll to the second page there are two people asking similar questions… Sure they have different backgrounds etc but largely the same.

Anyway, you want faster or bigger? Go “window” shopping at UDC (unicycle.com) they likely have an outlet that’s in or near your country. They stock the two most preferred brands around here, KH & Nimbus. Nimbus being cheaper but still very good. Decide where & how you want to ride etc and maybe ask some more specific questions.
Also check the Trading Post forum, maybe there’s some good deals from where you live.


short answer…

Nimbus is a good brand. if you’re aggressive, then get something hardy with strong cranks and Isis hub, and a beefy tire. If you’re just doing road riding square taper is fine for the cranks. if you want most versatility and speed, a 29er is awesome and there is a $300ish nimbus and a sturdier $429 version available at Unicycle.com.
Expensive is subjective, I killed my Sun Uni in 6 months, and I’ve kicked the crap out of my much more expensive Nimbus for a year and a half… It’s paid for itself in that regard. buy once, buy right, don’t buy again… spend a little more than you need and you can grow into it. search threads like 24 vs 26, etc… to get the ideas behind choosing wheel size, tire size, and application. good luck.
I have a feeling that helping newbies will always be a large portion of what this forum will continue to do, and being one of the newbies -it’s appreciated!

Agreed, We were all newbs once - except John Foss, I think he’s the guy from the BC comic!
I started a 24 vs 26 thread last year after thrashing my learner uni… The 26" munis were just coming out.

Ultimately, we still need more info. Do you see yourself getting into muni? Are you going to stick to the road? What kind of distances do you see yourself doing? How tall/heavy/aggressive are you?

Without this type of detail… You answered your own question… Get a bigger wheel, not too expensive.

I will tell you that spending a little more on a quality uni is much better than buying something “that will do for now” only to have your skills held back because your uni sucks.

I started with a 24" beginner, bought a 20" beginner, then after I was good enough to ride more than 100 yards or so, I needed better unis. I built a 24" and 26" muni and a 36-er. I spent a few bucks on the wrong gear… It was OK though because I fully expected to do this. For those who want to be a little more frugal. Get a good uni… But answers these questions first and we can help you a little better.

His point was that he/we already did. Plus Maestro8 is generally a grouch around here (not so much in real life).

No, but I knew him when he was still riding… :stuck_out_tongue: My first big/speed unicycle had a 45" wheel and a solid rubber tire. But it wasn’t made out of a rock.

To go faster, go bigger. There are literally hundreds of threads about this, so it’s more a question of what you want to do. Then shop the major vendors to see what’s out there. You can shop the non-major vendors to see no-name versions of some of that as well; where prices can get pretty low but quality can be sketchy.

To go a little faster but still be able to do tricks and be very versatile, get a 24" “cruiser”. If your emphasis is on speed more than other stuff, go bigger; 29" or 36". After you’ve shopped around, some of those other threads on here may become more useful where people compare the relative merits of various sizes. But they’re all good.