What to get What to get...

:sunglasses: Okay so heres the deal. I need a new unicycle and I have three choices. Nimbus, Kris Holm, and Koxx. I need help picking which one though! The KH and K1 are so much more expensive than the Nimbus but I dont know if it is worth the extra money. Im still kinda a noobie:o and I want to do street. The Nimbus=$350

Can you guys give me pros and cons here? I hear the Nimbus is just as good as the KH when it has moments on it but is this true? :thinking: Also the K1 looks super nice and I can get it custom made. Im in a real pickle here and I need you guys to help me out. Think of this as a Nimbus vs Kris Holm vs Koxx thread.
Thanks a bunch guys!:smiley:

basically, if you don’t care about weight at all, i’d say just go with the nimbus.

i have 4 nimbus, my 4th arrives tomorrow. all with moments. done probably thousands of drops and the rims are just as true as can be. i love nimbus…but i guess if i had the spare money i would like to have 1 kh for a lightweight uni, but then again i don’t care much about weight.

2010 torker dx also a very good option, but i’ve never rode it. i’ve rode the old torker dx though and its extremely strong and im sure the 2010 is better since its isis. the 48 spoke rim is another good thing about the torkers. they are heavy though.

Nimbus unis are awesome, they are really strong(with KH moment cranks), they look cool, and they are compatible with alot of part and that means it’s easily upgradable.

KH unis are also awesome, if you have the money for it, go for it. It’s lighter than the Nimbus and it has a wider rim. but I wouldn’t say it’s stronger than a Nimbus.

Koxx-one unis are ok for me. I’ve ridden one… The KH and Nimbus frames are both alot stronger than the Koxx-one devil frame. It’s lighter than the Nimbus, but heavier than the KH. And KH moment cranks are stronger than K-1 cranks(any model of K-1 cranks).

I would get either KH or Nimbus. depending on how is your budget, you can see by yourself witch one id the best for you.

Even though I own a 2010 DX, I’d still rather have a KH if I had the loot.

i would say kh hands down but the torker is good and the k1 and the nimbus but if you have the money go for the kh