What to do?

I just recently learnt to ride get on and jump on a unicycle what should i learn next?


Circus Idle (Idle on one position) Backwards Riding, ww, one foot riding and more.


Clever responses to the “Where’s your other wheel?” question.

Grammar? :wink:

First Aid

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But anyway, to find things that you might want to do, try this site: www.marsht.tripod.com

What should you learn next? Hmmmmmm…

…That unicycling is a wide and varied hobby in which each rider makes his or her own rules, and sets his or her own standards; that you can enjoy riding in your own way without needing the implied approval of the rest of us…

What skills would you like to learn next?

Would you like to ride further and faster? Do you want to ride a lap of your block, or round the local park, or the lake, or to the donut shop and back?

Would you prefer to ride tougher terrain? Are you inclined towards MUni? Or perhaps you’d like to try trials… or freestyle… or could you combine your unicycling with juggling, or other performance skills? We’re all very different.

If the question is, “What are the best skills to learn at this stage?” then I’d suggest that the core skills needed by all unicyclists who want to develop their riding in any discipline are:

Freemounting. Whichever discipline you favour, you need a rock solid freemount.

Riding. You need to be able to ride more or less indefinitely - which means several minutes without a stop.

Stopping gracefully. You need to get past the stage where you simply ride until you fall.

Turning sharply; turning gradually. (These are two very different techniques.

The first of the ‘tricks’ to learn is definitely idling. To unicycle well, you need to be able to idle confidently, either foot down.

Reversing: an extension of idling, and very useful.

After that, everything else is a ‘trick’. Some people would dispute that about hops and drops, regarding them as ‘essential’ skills.

Which are the easiest tricks to learn? Idling one footed, or riding seat out in front would be my suggestions. However, if you’re that way inclined, you might want to look up the 10 ‘Levels’ and start with the Level 1 skills and work your way up. The skills are biased towards freestyle, though.

Whatever you decide, enjoy it. You’re already better than most people who ever try; you’ll always find there’s someone better, though. Unicycling can make you proud then humble in very quick succession. :wink: