What to do with a broken KH rim....

I had one of those early KH rims that split, to the extent that the entire sidewall of the rim came off, the rim was in otherwise good shape so I thought Id try and make something of it as I genreally like putting stuff together from junk. And so behold, the KH Mirror!

OK the photos aren’t great, but it’s surprisingly difficult to take a photo of a mirror, it does look damn cool hanging on my wall and gives a useful sized mirror.




That’s pretty cool! I just called UDC to ask if my rim with the faulty groove would be replaced under warranty. The guy I talked to played dumb and said he would have someone (Amie I think he said) call me. My bet is they won’t replace it, but I might be pleasantly surprised!

ha.! thats funny cause I just glanced at the title and thought it was a question, and I was going to say “you should make a mirror out of it.” cosmic :thinking:

misleading thread title…

but yeah, thats awesome. how did you find a piece of mirror that size?
in the first pic it looks like theres a hole in your wall and your looking at someone with a camera.

I think there was actualy a thread mentioning the broken rim and people getting theirs replaced. I would search hard for that thread because it would definatly be worth finding.

MuniAddict - i was talking about UDC UK, they replaced it without me even asking and even reimbursed me the cost of sending the hub and spokes to them, again without me asking.There was never any question atall as to whether it would be replaced or not, but then Roger’s like that.

Radical - i realised the title might seem more like a question after i’d posted, but i thought it might prompt other good ideas for stuff you cold make with one

ice_cold -i got a local independent hardware store to cut the glass for me, believe or not they did the cutting free of charge, and only charged me £11 for the glass :slight_smile: It’s about 50.5mm diametre so there was no way i was going to get one off the shelf that size. When i was lining it up for glueing it was on top of my chest freezer with a stoney wall behind it, it looked just like someone had dug a well down through the middle of the freezer, really quite odd.

Just before I read this post, I called UDC (after ordering a new KH replacement rim 2 days ago) and asked them if they would replace it. I just got confirmation that they WILL replace it; actually, since the new is on the way, they will credit me the cost of the rim that I had already paid for. Me happy!:smiley:

that’s awesome.

good thing my rim doens’t have the groove!

so are you doing top of the world the sunday Terry?

Why did I miss something? But sure I guess I could since this past sunday was so much fun! A reporter and photographer from the Orange County Register (a great metropolitan newspaper!) came out and interviewed me, Jim and my friend Perry, then they got some great shots too! The story will be out next Tuesday, 9/19/06! The OC kids were late so unfortunately they weren’t interviewed or anything. SHould be a good big write-up. :D:) :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you didn’t glue it solidly, if so it may crack with temperature changes- I 've even had a mirror crack that was glued (by the manufacturer!) to fiber board. After I put out the lights I could hear it cracking!

I was going to say mount it on your wall but your idea is better

My brother etches glass and has done some stuff like empire and contract killerz logos (paintball). He has also done some KH and Bedford stuff. It would look pretty tight with the signature at the top or the bottom. Just in case you don’t see KH’s signature enough.

thats a quality mirror and i like the idea of the guy above me ^^^^

Yeah it’s glued all the way round, not had any problems with it but being in the house the temperature probably only varies between 16C and 25C. Taking the coeffieicent of thermal expansion of silicate glass to be 8.5*10^-6 (k^-1) this means the glass will expand by 0.0000935 metres across its diametre, that’s 0
.0935 mm. I’m not worried.

if my rim were worth anything i would beat it back to slightly straight and do that… thats a really cool idea tho.

I agree, but in this case i ripped the entire sidewall off the rim, so it was still straight but completely irrepairable.