What to do with $500-$700

I’m going to be working with my uncle for the next few days and its my b-day today so that means $$$. I have a trials uni with: Bedford frame, luna tire, older KH hub and cranks, wellgo alloy pedals, old KH fusion saddle, DT spokes, Alex rim. I was thinking of giving it a major face lift, such as a new saddle with CF base, get it powder coated or maybe change the wheelset for a profile wheelset or maybe even buy a new unicycle such as a KH24. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.


Everything you want to do to it sounds good

I’ll tell you what I’d do, man, two chicks at the same time, man.

Sounds like a good sum of money.

  1. Put part in the bank for long term savings (education, the proverbial rainy day),
  2. Put part in the bank to hold for future daily expenses (movie, junk food, video games, etc.)
  3. Spend part for something such as a new saddle with CF base, powder coating, etc

You may just be quoting a film or summat, but for once I’m gonna agree with you.

I read the thread title and thought “whores”



I’d say get a CF base, maybe get your frame powdercoated or just get a KH frame, your wheelset is good. I wouldn’t change it unless you break it.

I got that much money this summer, from unicycling. Here’s an example of what I did with it:
Put $500 in in savings
kept $150 at home which have bought so far:
Machetes for juggling
Nintendo 64 at a garage sale + some games
will need to buy new jugglung beanbags evuantually

The rest I keep for uni parts, etc. and stuff I need to buy.

[threadjack] Forrest: my friend just got some tossable number beanbags and there awesome and like $6 each and come with a cool bag. [endthreadjack]

MACHETES??? :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: slices hand off by accident

lol careful!

HAHAHA!!! Office Space is just about the most awesome movie i’ve ever seen ever.

I thought they were tossaball? Or is it tossable? I looked at those… but I can never know for sure which ones I like unless I try them out myself. :frowning:


I really like them. they have nice grip and nice color. they are also semi loosely packed so tat the feel really good and are easy to catch. there also inexoensive compared to some juggling balls.

also, I have gotten about $400 and am planning to buy a BC and a freestyle uni. maybe also a CF seat.

hahah I just watched that last night. What a perfect time for that.

More to the point though, other than making your seat a bit stronger and I would suggest tossing some nicer foam in there (gel seat foam or dual density foam), maybe you could experiment with some different tires. The set up you have now is pretty perfect. Unless you have broken parts I really don’t see it being worth upgrading them as the parts you have now are super durable and strong and if you aren’t breaking them then there isn’t any point in replacing them.

So ultimatly I would suggest, upgrading your seat - make it as comfy as possible and a cf base would help aswell. If you really wanna go balls out and splurge then a KH frame will probably be the single easiest piece to upgrade and will take a great deal of weight out of your uni.

With the rest of the money you should buy some whores. or a muni or something

Yeah, get a Muni. They are fun, or a BC, or CF or something. But get a Muni.

a pimped out airfoil coker… no question


just give it to me… I’ll see what I can do with it

give it to me

and/or a BC wheel

that’s what I would do with it.