What to do while i wait?

Ok so ive order my unicycle but its going to take 7 to 10 days to get to my house so what should i do to kill the time while i wait? I was so excited of buying it now i gotta wait to get it its like buying a birthday pressie for yourself 2 weeks before your birthday but cant open it until ur birthday. Im so annoyed. what did u do?

Nintendo or pictures of chicks (not necessarily on unicycles)…either can kill time pretty easily.

lol i like you ( not necessarily on unicycles ) add in lol. Very funny.

you could make pointless threads!


lol everyone is so funny here especially iridemymuni. lol. I think thats the second time you hav told me that but i dont listen.

why, thankyou. my friends call me iride for short, but you can call me iride.

and nope, i think this is the first time i’ve told you. so nerrrrrr.

im bored.

and studying for chemistry.

and i got my first uni just over a year ago, i was so excited that it was coming! i just sat around and waited for it to come and when it did i was like woot :astonished:


This is rec.sport.unicycling! Thats it, im off, have a good life you lot!


Hey thats my role to put the F word in posts not yours :angry:

But please keep it kid safe ;).

keepin it §G rated.
So what unicycle are you getting?
Personally I’d recommend the Torker DX…

in australia i would not reccomend a DX unless you can get it cheap.

a bike store in Sydney quoted me $530 for a DX - WAY too expensive for a DX.

ya, at bike shops here they are like 400-500. So I go on unicycle.com and order it. Or is that the price from there, because of the 150 buck shipping.

or u could eat food like milk and cookies like i do wen im bored!!

yay edd sounds like a nice person now :slight_smile:

but yeah this should be is JC

I call him iridemy24inchmountainunicycle for long

Practice your ballance, a lot of yoga poses are good

or watch one of these