What to do now?

i have just started unicycling and i can ride it well and hop and stuff but what should i learn now? thanks

It depends really, do you want to do street, trials, freestyle or muni? That can influence what you learn next a lot, with trials it would be hopping higher, and further. Freestyle and street would probably be basic tricks, and muni would be going fast down hills and technical stuff.

A lot of people start with things like wheel walking and 1 foot riding. Theres also the IUF skill levels which puts tricks into levels and you work your way up to level 10.

Welcome to the forums too! We’re nice people here. We can help with basically everything, and if you want to know something chances are its been asked before, so use the search function. If that doesn’t help then make a new thread and ask.

Learn whatever you want.

Seriously. Check the video section here and start wtching them so you can get a good feel of what is involved for each style of riding, and just start learning whatever you want.

Like, for me, im minaly a trials rider, so SI and SIF are what I work on a lot, gaps, going up ledges, riding on skinnys, handleing drops, but I also like street and learned how to do crankflips and unispins. I also like freestyle stuff so thts why I learned how to do basic freestyle moves like wheel walking.

Just keep riding and try out everything.


For newbs:
SI=Seat In
SIF = Seat In Front

Watch some vids, work on the IUF and Street skills (in my signature).

I’d start w/ tight figure 8’s, static mount, riding backwards, riding w/ one foot (both sides), and hopping up stairs.

Playing the bagpipes on the unicycle.
In that order.