what to do next

i am looking for tricks i need to learn for trials and some tutorials for the tricks. I can hop and stuff but not too good.
Please feel free to say stuff (no matter how obvious) i should learn.
p.s. I only knew that you could ride a unicycle till about 3 weeks ago. I didnt know you could even do tricks. :o

You should prolly try learning how to idle and go backwards and such, that way, you can have better forward/backward balance. Also, I’ve heard that learning how to ride with your seat out in front is good for jumping high, which would help a lot in trials. http://www.freewebs.com/andrewcarter/home.htm?/ is a good site for tips on uni tricks, though most of the tutorials are just text, there are a few videos and some frame by frame analysis stuff.

Hope that helps