what to do if/when frame snaps

because ive heard so much bad stuff about torker dx frames snapping etc just wondering as to what my options are when/if it breaks

can i get a different brand frame and add all the parts onto it or weld it back

or do i just buy a new uni :slight_smile: :smiley:

Just get a new frame, I guess. Either a different brand, or the same. I’d suggest a different brand, I don’t really like Torker.

You could also weld it if you know how to.

i figured just new frame but will the parts from it fit any frame

Three things to look out for(I think):

  1. Will the bearings fit
  2. The size of the seatpost
  3. Tyre clearance

Those depend on the frame and on the parts you have now. I’m sure most trials frames will fit, but just to be sure, wait till someone else suggests a frame that you might use. Or you can try e-mailing your local unicycle.com, they’ll know what frame you need.

buy a new frame.

Just get something decent. A Nimbus should be more than sufficient.


when my frame broke i replaced it with a Nimbus. it’s been working very well.