What to choose???

Me and my sister want a unicycle but don’t know what to choose. Mainly I just need a size more for me and my sister. I’m 5 11" and my sister is 5 2". We can probably spend about $75-100 each just to learn on so can we both go with 20" or would i have to go with a 24"?

(I have had 7 hours with a unicycle and can now ride across a gym, but my sis has no experience.)

I believe the conventional wisdom is that 20" is a good learning size for just about anyone. I’m 6’4" and learned on a 20" just fine, so I don’t think there would be any concern for you needing a 24" (although you might want a bigger uni to go faster etc once you’ve learned to ride).

ok thanks i will get 20" then

There are lots of other similar threads that I’ve seen over the past year or so. Might look at those for recommendations on specific unicycles (from more experienced riders than myself :roll_eyes: ).