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I am 51 years old and still have a unicycle that i ride occaisionally but live on a gravel road. Do they make them with shocks?
I own a early 70s model schwinn

The shocks are supposed to be on the faces of the people you ride by. :sunglasses:

But “unicycle technology” has come a long way since your 70’s Schwinn. There are plenty to choose from. Your best bet is something with a wider tire, which gets you more air volume, which gets you a smoother ride on the bumpy stuff.

The place to shop is Unicycle.com. Depending on the type of riding you do, you could go with a larger wheeled cruiser-type unicycle, or a mountain uni. Like these:



You could add a suspension seat post, but remember now matter how much suspension you have, you can’t suspend the pedals. Your feet will hit all the bumps no matter what. Only a tire can lessen that. Nobody makes a suspension frame, because they tend to be wide and heavy. Posts are here:

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>I am 51 years old
(Me too)

>Do they make them with shocks?
To answer your specific questions: Yes shock seatposts for unicycles
have been built, but they do have their problems. You’d better follow
the excellent (as always) advice by John Foss.

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