What to buy

Im thinking of buying my first unicycle. Ive tried my friends and ive learned to ride already. I want to use the unicycle to get to school and go around the city. (at most 5 miles) but i also want to do some tricks on it. I dont want to spend more than 100 dollars.


In that price range you should get a Torker. If possible you should increase it a bit and go with the Torker LX for around $120. Most people would say to save the money and get a better uni and they might be right. I bought the LX about a month ago and I already wanna upgrade.

I’d spend at least $100. Any less than that and it will probably fold under you, and/or you won’t be able to stand the saddle.

Sorry,I don’t have many money so I don’t buy it.Althought I want use to it.:o

Are you in a place where you can get one used and pick it up locally? $100 doesn’t give you very many options – especially since you will want a 24 or 26 inch wheel – and shipping costs will eat into your budget.

A Club 26 or Torker LX would work if you can save up some more money.

I was looking at this, what do you guys think?

I’ve never tried a Sun but you get what you pay for. You’re not spending much money so you aren’t gonna get a great unicycle and it will most likely break if you end up doing anything other than riding around on roads. If you are fine with this then I say go for it!