What to Buy

I would like to buy a new unicycle, even tho I am building the fat tire unicycle, I would like someting to play with. Even tho I am 53 I would like to get into doing some “tricks”. I would like to get some input on what I should buy. I am thinking a trials unicycle. Any suggestions? T

I’d buy a 36". Tricks are for kids.

to start buy a 20 inch uni, if you are sure you want to learn some tricks, buy a strong and light one, not to much expensive, to start

I just bought a kh20 earlier this year for similar reasons, it’s such a light quality machine, I love it. It is on the expensive side, but I figured If I didn’t love it I could always sell it and not lose too much coin. As it ended up, it’s been worth every penny :slight_smile: and I’ll keep it around for a long time.

I did the same but with a KH24. Already have a few others, but build quality on KH is second to none. I just prefer a 24 to the 20.


I’m with kalamazuni, I have a KH-24 which may not be th very best for extreme tricks…but it can also do muni, and you can ride it a bit of distance if desired.

Thanks for all the info. I think the 20" would be a bit better for the tricks, and a 24" for more casual riding. I am new to the lingo here but I am thinking that muni is mountain unicycleing. Not a big problem here in Florida. Pretty much flat. And where I live (an Island that is about 3 miles by 7 miles) I am limited to street riding. Or do I get a 24" and a second wheel thats 20"? To many questions. When I bought my first Schwinn in the early 70’s there was no thought of tricks or trials back then, just street cruising. What to do, What to do… I really like the Nimbus 20" trials in Phantom Chrome.

I say a Nimbus 20" trials in phantom chrome sounds like just the ticket : ) can’t go wrong with a good 20 inch.

My first unicycle I wanted one that I could learn on and take a bit ofbattering. It was a nimbus 20" freestyle. I still cant do tricks lol

I really like the looks of the Nimbus Trials 20’. (Really like the Gremlin Chrome) Only question is, how would it be if you just wanted to do a little light crusing around the neighborhood? I had a 24" Schwinn and I know a 24 would be better for general riding a distance. Is a 20" that big of difference? Thanks All.