what to buy what to buy

ok so my birthday is comming up and im deffinately planning on getting a uni or two. Whatever i get will be the last one for a good while so i need to make sure i get something worth it. here is what im looking at:

some 26" splined MUni for downhill

nimbus longneck 20" and a torker Tx giraffe

qu-ax trials splined

i already have a sun 28 for distance and if i got a 26 for downhill i would just use my 24 for street and trials. if i got the freestyle and giraffe i would use those for freestyle and Hockey and my 24 MUni for trials street and MUni. Or the qu-ax for trials street and a little freestyle and hockey and my 24 MUni strickly for MUni. so what do you all think? any suggestions?

:astonished: how much money do you have?!?!

isn’t youre dx good enough?

okay i think i didnt make it clear above sorry. Im choosing between one of the three things above. im not going to get like 5 new unis lol that would be rediculous. Im gonna get one more then thats it, probably my last uni. i mean i wouldnt have time to ride all of those above lol.

ok well getting a 26" splined is sorta hard… what you can do tho is get a kh hub and 26" sun rim and a 29" frame… and then you have a 26" splined Muni…

if i was you, i would be getting the qu-ax =p

You can get them from unicycle.com here is one with a profile hub and yuni frame. link

I am sure Darren Bedford has or can make you something awesome.

Do you have to live in Canada to get a Bedford? Probably a stupid question lol

no you dont as long as you pay shipping… Sry for the false info before by the way…

Okay thanks and no problem for the mistake above.

Shipping isn’t too much from Darren. It was $45 to ship me a frame, seat post, seat and a whole KH24 muni. I am in California so it may be cheaper for you because you are on the East coast. For unicycle.com to ship me a $12 miyata seat cover it costs like $15. Unicycle.com is alot closer to me and a seat cover weights almost nothing. So…I don’t think shippping from Darren would be much more than shipping from unicycle.com. You can email him to get a rate though if you want to compare.

I prefer bedford… He would not put a 1000$ uni in a 5$ box… unlike some other places… :astonished:

isn’t udc in georgia? thus not closer to california?

Toronto is like 300 miles farther away than Georgia to me. My point was that shipping from Darren isn’t much more than from UDC even though he is in Canada. It is $40 to ship me a KH24 from UDC and $45 to ship me a KH24, frame, seat and post from Darren.

shipping from unicycle.com is always cheep when you basically live on the florida georgia border (jacksonville) its like 8$ and it gets here the next day or some times the day after that

but then again i always thought you had 2 be really close to or in canada 2 use bedford