What to buy, Torker 24" DX or LX?

Hey Guys, I am in the market for a unicycle. I have not ridden in many years, but I want one just to goof around on. No major stunts, maybe some stairs. I just gave my old Schwinn 20" that I have had since the early 70’s to charity. I think I want a 24", since it felt really small. I am 6’-1", 185lbs. I did a bit of research and it is between the Torker 24" LX or DX. Obviously the DX is better at twice the cost, but do I need it? After checking out this forum a bit I read some discussions about crank length. Is crank length an option when you buy one, or does it only come in one length? It also sounds like splined cranks are preferred. Will I know the difference? The DX looks like it has a HUGE tire. Does that make it easier or harder to ride? I am sure these questions have been asked before, but any help would be appreciated.



It all depends on what you are going to do with it. Will you be going off road at all? If so I say go for the DX for someone your size. If you are purely sticking to the road and not jumping around then a LX should suffice. Really, even if you don’t plan to go off road right now, you will want to eventually.

I have a 24" torker unistar dx 24" that is basically brand new. i bought it last summer and have hardly used it. Its a great unicycle and the large tire doesnt make it any harder to ride, infact i think it makes it easier. if you have any questions just let me know.