what tires will fit?

will a Duro Racing Wildlife Leopard 24 x 3.0 DH Tire fit in a 24in torker dx frame? and what other tire choices do i have in the 3in wide range?

I have the 2010 Torker DX24, and have been told it will fit a Duro 24x3 tire no problem. I intend to purchase one next time I’m in the city.

However, I understand the older Torker DX24 was a much tighter fit, and would not fit the 3" tire. I have heard the older model referred to as the “Red” Torker DX - so perhaps it only came in red? (Mine is black)

mine is the 07 red and black it looks like it will have enough room but not shure. i dont wana drop 55$ for a tire that wont fit.

I’m not sure about this, but I can try it soon when I change to my 3" tire. I’ll put the Torker frame on to see if it works, then I’ll put my nimbus frame on to go ride it! :slight_smile:

You need at least 3.5" between legs, 4" would be better.

I thought your mom already bought you a tire for your muni at Xmas?

Riding 3 x weekly, let me know when you can ride, bring your A game :wink:

I will check the legs when i get home ben. no she didnt buy me a muni tire for xmas i got new trials ride every day. I am getting my berrings with this tire so when i get them i can go riding unless you wana ride trials.

I have an 07 DX as well. When it was purchased it was advertised as being able to accept the 3" Duro but not the Gazz. The non acceptance of the Gazz was due, apparently to the height of that tire.

The Duro should fit. But I never put one on mine to actually prove the fact.

I think i am not going to put a duro on it… i am going to look for still side walled tire.