What tires will fit on the KH 29" rim?

Title says it all. The kenda claw that comes with it is a 700 x 52c! Holy smokes batman! What other tires are that big, other than the Big Apple? Im also wondering what the smallest tire that will fit on that rim is.

There are plenty of big tyres available now as 29" is becoming popular with MTBers, most MTB tyre makers now do a range of 29ers.

I have posted a few links on the board before you could search for.

If you are in the US you can now get a WTB Wierwolf 29x2.55, which looks amazing for XC uni as it has a low profile tread and big volume. Unfiortunatley I cant get them yet (if ever) over here.



Here’s a few. The Maxxis Ignitor looks particularly interesting, there’s a bike review of it here.

I’m going to be getting a 29er soon, I think I’ll be getting the Kenda Klaw as it’s cheap, it’s tried and tested, and UDC has them in stock. I’m very tempted by the Halo Choir Master, they look like they would be well suited to muni and they’re only a fiver more than the Kenda. I don’t know if you can get those in the US though.

Those look good, but I am looking for something a bit slicker, like the big apple, but not as big. will a 700 x 35 fit on that rim? What about a 700 x 40?

I have a WTB Exiwolf 29x2.3" tire on my uni:

I havn’t done alot of muni with it (there isnt much dirt in the city) but I really like it because of it’s large volume, light weight, and it has great bounce. I have the Nanowolf tires on my mountain bike and like them for the same reason. I got the steel bead version after hearing about issues with the nanoraptor 29" and kevlar beads.

Oh, sorry can’t really help with that, except to say that I think the KH rim is 38mm wide, so a 700x35 is probably out! Do you need the tyre to fit inside a smaller frame, or is there some other reason you want a narrow one?

I have a KH29 and have BA 2.35, BA 2.0, 2.1 Kenda Claw, 2.3 ExiWolf tires.

The Big Apple 2.0 might be what you seek - light and slick. It’s my favorite for paved hill-climbs.

Also, FYI, I found the Kenda to be thin-walled and prone to flats. The 2.3 ExiWolf for muni is awesome and I don’t think the 2.5 WeirWolf will fit in the KH29 frame.

It is a bad and naughty thing to do, but on my two wheeled bike I’ve got a tyre that is a bit narrower than the rim. It works okay. It looks really dodgy, but appears to work. So you might just be able to run a 700x35.

Personally I’d stick with one of the big apples for road riding. Pumped up nice and hard, something like 70-80psi.


I’m looking for the Big Apple, but the only place I can get it right now is from bedford. It isn’t cheap either. $50 is a bit pricey for a tire IMO, seeing as I have seen some nice slick 700 x 40c tires for around $20. The wheel I’m getting comes with a Kenda Claw, so that will stay on till the snow and ice goes away, which will be quite a while (it just came…)