What tire to use?

what type of tire should i put on my torker lx 20"

Sweetskinz tires

I use a Primo “The wall” tire on my freestyle (http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=299)

I like it. It’s good stuff. I would get the 1.85 tire width.

I like “the wall” a lot too. It is really good for freestyle in my opinion.

No Get SweetskinZ!!! lol

good. that’s what i just got on my new nimbus x freestyle.


thanks for your opinion,i have the factory tire in there right niw and it has no treads at all

also it has to be 20x2.125

Get a MAXXIS Mirra. They are 2.25 and have a street tread, which in my personal preferance are the coolest ever!



I don’t see why you can’t just throw any 20" tire(bmx or trials front tire) on there, besides frame clearance issues.

Primo the wall is excellent, I’ve bought three and have worn through the first doing spins, I’m being more careful with another for freestyle on the street/tennis court/skatepark/ect, and riding the last solely in a gym.

The 2.1 wide version is slightly better when you need balance(I can coast further on it, for example), but I like the 1.85 for spinning.

Pump them up as far as you’re comfortable with, unless you have some sort of a monster pump that goes over 100psi:p :roll_eyes: :astonished: