What Tire to make a 20" Torker into MUni for small kid?

I’ve got a 10 yr old who wants to MUni with her sister and me who both ride 24" MUnis. She’s on a cheap Torker 20". Her legs aren’t long enough for a 24 with long cranks. Soon, but not yet.

I’m not worried about the Torker’s sturdiness, since she won’t really be giving it too hard of a ride. But I’d like to get the biggest tire I can manage, so she’ll get the benefit of low psi shock absorption.

Any suggestions?

Is it the DX? caw89 has a 2.25" mongoose tireon his I think.

The LX and CX wont fit much in the way of wide tires. You could just get a junky wal mart tire for now.

go to the lbs with the uni. ask for the fattest tire that’ll with the rim/frame. should be a little over 2 inches. and will more than likely be a bmx tire.

Tried the walmart route. Got knobbies, but no cush. She’s having a little trouble with the squarer tire profile. Practice should cure that.

Carrying it to LBS is next.