what tire should I get?

I have a 20’’ torker lx (older model) and I use it for trials. I had a 1.95 bmx tire on it but a while ago it blew out and now there’s a big hole in it. Anyways I can go up to a 2.3 and all i ask is that is has good knob and doesn’t fold when hopping on angles. any suggestions on tires?

I wouldn’t bother putting money into a non splined unicycle for trials. Save your money and get something that will last, you can still do trials with a hard tire until then.

my parents don’t really support my unicycle so there’s no way they would let me get a new unicycle. I’ve asked. Even if I buy it. plus not too long ago I just got a new 24’’ muni

My boy it is time to go out and get a job! Support your unicycling habit yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

I put a Maxxis Max Daddy on my son’s Torker LX and he loves it. 20x2.3 There is just a small amount of clearance so I’m thinking this is about as big as it gets for this frame.

ive got a 2.25 max daddy aswell. and it is good for learning trials on a 20" rim.

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I already mow lawns. but thanks for the advice the max daddy looks like a really nice tire. does anyone know if you can keep a semi-low tire pressure without having it fold on you when hopping on angles? I’m only 100 pounds and by semi low I mean 20-25 psi

uhh, so?

Kenda kinetics is 2.35 has good volume. It folds a little bit but you should be good to go. I had two pinch flats when I rode on. Mind you the pinche when I was using 2X4’'s for hopping posts hehe:D

What do you have for the muni? Is it splined?
You can use a 24" muni for lots of trials like stuff. Jumping on things, jumping off of things, side hops, rolling hops, riding down stairs, riding on skinnies, and all sorts of fun stuff. You don’t necessarily have to get a 19" trials uni for trials. There are trade-offs for sure, but it’s better than not riding.

I tried that and the big wheel is just killing my hopping height by a good 4-5 inches. I would rather stick with getting a new tire on my freestyle and being able to hop higher.

13 is a ripe young age to get a job. I’m 15 and have had my job for 2 years

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You’ll lose some jump height, but that’s not that big of a deal. The moves and the skills are the same, just somewhat harder to do some in some cases. You only need to be able to jump high enough to get on the obstacle or ride the trials line. Find trials lines that are just as challenging in the skill department but don’t need 30" ups. Scale down and have the same fun.

Jumping with a muni tire is also going to require learning new timing in your jump and pre-hop. The tire compresses and rebounds differently. Practice on the muni till you learn the timing for the compression and rebound. Your jump height and consistency will get better. If you’re used to jumping with a BMX tire the muni tire is going to feel very different. The muni tire has more compression and slower rebound. Your jumping technique needs to adjust.

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anything you can do on a 19" you can do on a 24" it is just slightly harder ,and it will just make you more stronger

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