What tire do you use for a 28 or 29er?

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Take II

I will be getting a 28er in a few weeks and I have gone with a
Continental Top touring 700c x 35c.

But I was also considering going with a larger tire. But I only hear about people riding with the Nanoraptor.

Is this the only one people are using for their 29er?

I have to assume there are other 29" tires out there.
What are y’all using?

Speciallized makes a 700c x 47c tire.


I hadn’t heard about this future 28er of yours. What’ll you be using it for? Also, is a 28er that much faster than a 24" (particularly a Gazz because it’s almost the size of a 26")? I’ve never had the chance to ride anything bigger than my 24". I’m going to have so much fun at UniNats 2003…hopefully I can ride some bigger wheels there!


Rod -

I’m using a 29 x 2.1 IRC Notos tire on my 29er. The tread pattern is similar to a Coker with short knobs widely spaced. There’s no center ridge at all. I bought it rather than the WTB Nanoraptor because I could get it with a Kevlar bead which presumably makes it lighter than the steel beaded Nanoraptor. I think the reason some people use the Nanoraptor is that it’s the closest thing there is to a big road tire.

I don’t think a narrow high pressure tire like the Continental 700c x 35 or 47 would suit me since I like to ride my 29er on the dirt and gravel. The bigger 2.1 tire gives me the cushion I think I need on the rough stuff. I’ve been running between 30 and 35 psi so the tire is a little squishy. I can always pump the pressure up to 60 psi or so for less rolling resistance on the pavement.

Right now I’m on a quest to find the Schwalbe “Big Apple” in 2.35. That looks like a lot of tire! My favorite LBS can’t get anything made by Schwalbe though, so it might be a challenge.

I’ll have the oportunity to ride a 29er/Nanoraptor combination soon so I’ll report on how/if it’s different than my Notos.

Steve Howard

Re: What tire do you use for a 28 or 29er?

make sure to jack that tyre up to 120psi before every ride or your gonna get pinch flats.


I wanted something to go around town and then occasionally take out on a some milquetoast fire roads. Dave Stockton (U-turn) built an excellent wheel to take drops off curbs and ride up as well. I should also be able to side hop up steps if necessary. I may be swayed to ride more off road with it, not sure, yet. I feel like a squirrel in a wheel riding my 24" Muni around and it seems so slow with those 170mm cranks. I plan to start riding with some old 150mm cranks at first and work my way down to 125’s and possibly 110’s, but I won’t know until I get it and ride it for a while.


Thanks for offering to do the comparison, please do. Do you notice any road crown sensitivity with your IRC tire?

Rod -

Yes I do notice the IRC tire wanting to head towards the middle of the road. I notice it mostly on one stretch where the edge of the pavement is on a pretty good angle. I don’t notice anything on gravel, dirt or flat pavement.

However - Like I said in an earlier post, I’ve been running about 30-35 psi in the tire and that might be too low. I’ve noticed that most tires will try to “climb” or turn up hill when the pressure is low. I’ve put 50 psi in it but haven’t ridden it on that stretch of bad road yet. I did ride it yesterday though on my MUni with it’s brand spankin’ new Gazz with about 20 psi and didn’t notice it wanting to head towards the center of the road.

Steve Howard

The Conti 700x37’s stated max psi is 70. From the test rides I’ve done at 65 psi, I don’t see getting pinch flats at less than about 45 or so. That’s with me at about 190 psp.

psi - pounds per square inch
psp - pounds per square person


what were you doing on your 28er that would necessitate the
120 psi you had stated earlier to prevent pinch flats? Were you heading straight at curbs?

I took my 29er out in a hurry yesterday, forgetting it hadn’t been ridden for a bit and I can hereby say that sidehopping on 20psi on a 29" tyre is not good. Got halfway down the road, thought ooh, this feels really light, wonder if I can do a 360, did a sidehop 90 then 180 to warm up and the tyre rolled almost right off the wheel.

Actually I’ve got a pretty wide 700c rim on the 29er, but it still has some problems with tyre wobble on sidehops even with enough pressure. I don’t think the 29" bikes / tyres are really designed to take much in the way of a sideways hit which is a bummer.


yep,straight into those curbs,fast as i can :roll_eyes:

700x35 isnt that wide and when all your weight is on one wheel a pinch flat is very likely if your psi isnt high enough.i also jakk-up the psi because on a 29er its nice to go fast and when your really cruising somtimes just the cracks in the road could be a enough to pinch flat on a skinny tyre.