What tire do you find best for the Coker...

nice handle bar on that big one Sr.jaco flans!
did you make that your self? its real clean looking.
i want a longer H-bar than the π-bar on my wheel.

Thanks! And yes I did it myself, I only used old bke parts and black spray paint. I can make some plans if you want, it’s really easy to built, you just need a bke and a saw:p

Sure! I’ll make some plans on Paint with some pictures(drawings) and some writting. I think I’ll make a new thread when it’s gonna be finished. Expept I dont have any mesurement, I just cutted everything and it ended with a good size:p

hmm, if you want pictures it will have to wait to next week, I dont have my Coker with me now…

Microsoft Paint® will do providing your mouse hand is steadier than mine!:stuck_out_tongue:
I would appreciate any kind of blue-print.

Have worn out a Coker 36" XLR tire in three months. I can see that a rotation would have helped spread the wear pattern, but it is well worn. My previous TA tire had lasted over 2 years.

I’m not absolutely sure that it’s a difference in the tires since I have been doing a lot of turning these last months, but it seems the XLR wears faster than the TA tire.

Just ordered a new TA, so I’ll know better in a few months.

See my plans for my handle bar here!