What tire do you find best for the Coker...

I am considering purchasing the big one, even though I probably wouldn’t be good enough to ride for awhile, but I found one at a decent price and hate to pass it up. :smiley:

Options for the tire are the original button tread tire, ribbed SLR street tread or the non skid muni off road tire. What do you guys recommend? I’m a novice and have no clue but leaning toward the Muni tire even though most of my riding would probably be on pretty level ground or pavement.

Second question, is can I add the handlebar later? I wouldn’t want one right away, just because I wouldn’t want it in the way while trying to initially ride the Coker and learning to mount it.

I know I’m way premature considering a Coker, but I’m just considering it, I haven’t purchased it yet. :thinking: , but really want to, :D:D

Thanks for any suggestions.

  1. I think the button tread is your best bet, although if you know you won’t be taking it off road ever and will be racking up pavement miles, the ribbed tire could be better. There was a review of 36" tires in UNI a few months back and they basically had the same opinion.

  2. Handlebars can (and should) be added later, after you gain some proficiency on the Coker. They can get in the way of mounting (for some people. . .) and get really busted if you drop them a lot, just learning the Coker.

  3. If you have the coin and it’s a good deal: buy it! I love my 36.

Also its in UNI Magizine issue 8 that the Origonal Coker Button Thread, Nimbus Nightrider and Wheel TA, Coker Anti Skid tyres are reviewed/ compared. The Coker Anti Skid is quiet noisy on road aparently.

Thanks Peripatet, I appreciate your help. Oh the Cokers look so fun, I will probably kill myself but what a way to go!
I think the price is pretty decent at least from looking around, $389.00 plus shipping which is about $58 to my house. Does that sound reasonable?

Ok thanks.

Nimbus Nightrider

I have the Nimbus Nightrider tire and it’s great.

For an actual Coker V1, it sounds pretty good to me. Not so amazing that I’m asking you for the website and stocking up, but good enough that I would be enticed, if I didn’t already have one.

I got the Coker Bigone with Button thread tire, I like it. If you ever want to go Muni on your Coker the tire is good for that and it’s good for road to, I makes a little bit of noise when you get at around 30km/h but slower than that it doesn’t make any noise.

I have the same opinion on the tire question. All though I haven’t noticed any noise coming from the tire at speed. This may be attributed to the fact I just having to much fun to notice it.

It stills no make alot of noise, I can barely hear it. I was riding at 33km/h when I heard that noise:p

Sounds cool. I don’t mind a little noise and noise usually doesn’t bother me, I tend to tune things out. I will go for the button tread, seems like the best for my needs. Thank you guys for your input I really appreciate it. :D:D:D

I hope you’ll like your coker rides! I really enjoy mine, coker is awsome. I think I’ll go for a little ride tommorow!:slight_smile:

Nice, enjoy your ride. I saw your Coker in your pics, very cool. :wink:

Thanks:) now I got a brake(doesn’t work…) and a cycle computer:). I got 70kms in 2 days on my cycle computer:P

Sweet!!! :d

But i cant say which of these because I haven’t ridden them. It seems you have to get one of coker’s tires when ordering a/from coker. Unless maybe you order from like UDC they might be able to substitute tires.

My V2 has a Button thread tire. It is the only uni I have that I haven’t

worn out the tire yet, it is the one that has the most miles logged.

This is sort of offtopic but I didnt want to start a new thread. Anyways, my question is about the Nimbus Titan. Is it a good 36? Is the Night rider better. Well I just want to know the pro’s and con’s of the titan and how it compares to other 36’ers


Hey emele, this is Zach :D. I have it and it is fine. The rim is strong enough and it comes with the nightrider tire which is really good. The frame is the coker style so it’s not as light as the other nimbus frame. The rim isnt made for using a brake so you’d have to go without that if you wanted to upgrade. But it’s cheaper and it works really good. I would recommend 125mm cranks instead of the 150mms.

I Want a Coker sooooo bad!