What thin seat- but scared of messing up- AND MANY MORE!

Yesterday my friend Crazy4uni got his koxx unicycle, and I loved it. I could 5spin so easier. Tricks just felt easier. Jumping felt nicer.

So, I’d like to get some new parts.

I’m obviously going to save up for a Try All. Because that was why the jumping was easier.

But for my 5spins, I’m not sure what parts contributed. Was it the street cranks, the metal pedals that made landing easier, was it the light wheelset. (32 hole), or was it the seat? I love the seat. I can grip it and throw it so easy. My KH is about twice as thick. I don’t want to buy a Koxx seat though, because then I couldn’t put my reinforcement plate on it.

I’d rather cut my KH seat so it’s thinner. But what if I mess up, I just ruined an expensive seat. Is there a tutorial somewhere or pictures that can show me where to cut, and what kind of knife to cut with. Also, if I cut the seat, would the cover be really loose due to all the extra space. Or could I just tighten it to fit.

Its not hard at all to trim your seat down. Just get a knife and cut it and walah a thinner seat!

I know that it’s just cutting, but I don’t know what parts to cut, and how thick. I don’t want to make a massive hole in my foam. Do you know want I mean?

get an addict CF seat, i plan to replace my kh 09 saddle with one

EDIT: :slight_smile:

People were cutting seats before tutorials existed. Just make a couple small cuts and test out your seat, repeat as necessary. If you screw up, just tape the foam back together. It’s no biggie. And don’t worry about the seat cover… just pull the laces tight and there’ll be no slop.

If you’re insistent on a tutorial, try the search feature. There are many pictures on these fora of cut foam.

WTF is walah?

Do you mean voila?

Mastereo he probably has the old style KH that was stapled on and no I did not mean viola.

I cut down my KH gel seat yesterday with a bread knife. If you do it carefully, you have to halves of foam that can be reused.

I have no idea why KH keeps speccing brick like seats. They’re not as bad as the first gen KH seat, but they’re still at least three times thicker than they need to be. After a couple of millimetres of squish, it doesn’t really matter how thick the thing is. Thick seats just get in the way and chafe. Compare a Unicycle seat with a bike seat- it’s hugely overbuilt.

+1 I remeber you telling me this at 09 NZ Uniweekend. :smiley:

Then why don’t you let him tell us that. All you can do here is guess.

Of course you didn’t mean viola… cause a small violin has no place in this discussion.

I was asking what you meant by wahlah. Taken in context, I could only guess you meant voila. I suggest you spend some time with a dictionary.

Trim your foam. That’s what I did, and it’s perfect now…



If all you’re going to do is pick holes in peoples spelling may I suggest you fuck off to somewhere that cares!
All you do is try to put people down, you never have anything useful to say. Im sure im not the only person that thinks this.

As for your seat problem, Hungry4uni. I swapped to a K1 saddle ages ago, and its so much better than the KH. The foam is thinner and the material used on the cover is far less abrasive than the KH, I found I could ride seat out far longer without getting massive sores on my inner thighs.
Hope that helps :slight_smile:


I have nothing to say to Edd, I just wanted to quote this with extra text decoration to show that I support this statement and I want to make sure Maestro8 gets the message.

EDIT: I would also like to say Maestro8 is now the first and only person on my ignore list, and I have a pretty high tolerance for arrogance.

Haha, nicely put.

I somewhat wish this were true. Maestro8 does have a rather blunt, sometimes mean, way of expressing himself. It sucks when it happens to you. However, I find myself learning a lot from his posts. He often does have something useful to say, either about unicycling or the english language. Yeah, it does suck being called out, but more often than not one learns from being called out.

I’m probably putting my neck out, considering I claim to have learned something from him yet still have posts riddled with grammatical inaccuracies.

As far as cutting foam, I think I’m going to try it. I’ll post pictures as soon as I’m done.

I just read the post again and you are probly right about my assumption being false.

I am sorry I don’t command the French language as well as you Mastero. Thank you for the correction.

I would probably use a sharp craft knife not a bread knife. I tried both and the craft knife leaves it much smoother and with much less mess. Just cut a bit at a time until it feels good. Try and keep it rounded at the edges.

I used a rasp and a sureform to shape down my KH seat.
This gave me a very even and smooth finish and I was never scared of taking too much off this way.