What the?


Is it even real? Someone could be just joking around… surely the hub would be too heavy?

That looks incredibly fake. They’ve just photoshopped an image of a standard unicycle.
I have seen real electric unicycles and they definitely don’t look like that one!
This is what they look like.

Quite an obvious motor on the back there.

And it was posted on April Fool’s Day.


it might just be me on my psp but it doesnt look right, possibly photoshoped. the april fools day thing makes it kinda suspisious too.

faker confessed, it’s fake.

i like how the hub is on the outside of the frame

Thats just the style now adays :wink:

As mentioned above, there ARE electric unicycles. And they’re really cool.

:smiley: Or this little fella on a electric unicycle. :smiley:

and this awesome machine.