what the *%#& is north shore?

ive heard about north shore alot, what is it? :thinking:


In the north shore of British Columbia (I think) there’s a lot of mountain biking, and riders built various elevated tracks, jumps, other stuff, and collectively the style of course is called north shore.

any pics?

How bout trying “North Shore” on Google Image search?


North Shore freeriding.

It is the north shore of Vancouver, BC I think.

all i got was a bunch of pictures of laddery bridge things. is that it?

that’s exactly it. The trails were too easy for whatever insane freaks built them, so they put in their own obstacles. It’s some pretty insane stuff.

Miles, have you seen Defect? Kris rides alot of it.

Yeah, its those wooden bridge thingys, some are really high.

no i havent seen defect. I think im going to get it though.

Yes, you should get it.

From Urban Dictionary . com

North Shore

Another word for ladders and wooden bridges on mountain bike/freeride tracks. The word comes frpm the immense quantity of ladders and bridges in Canada’s north shore mountain bike tracks.

Xtreme d00d: I just fell off a 30 foot north shore bridg and smack my head in.

Me: Haha, you suck!

Yep, north shore is my faverite type of muniing.

Here’s the dave and I, at his local NS bike place. We didn’t film very much at all, we were too busy bombing. This is the easy stuff. :slight_smile: http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=191287

Also check out the thread links at the bottom of this thread. And watch the trailers to universe 1 and 2.

Actually, The brush and trees are SO thick that they needed to instal the bridges to make it accessible.

its actually way easier to build ladders and bridges than clear brush to make trails…if you’ve never done it… it SUCKS. the only problem with with ladders is wood and nails… and you need someone with chainsaw skills so you don’t have to buy any wood… the place here is sweet… too bad the dnrc tore a ton of it down a few years back…

The north shore of Vancouver is North and West Vancouver. There are 3 mountains - Mt Seymour, Grouse Mountain and Cypress. They have incredible bike trails. I’m sure you’ll hear more as the 2010 olympics approach.

I think the real reason why North Shore was started was because during wet seasons in Canada, it would slightly flood the woods, and they could only ride much using these ladders and high wooden beams. Thats what I’ve been told by numerous UK and north american mountainbikers.

there’s even a northshore park in my town: www.eshershore.com

To add to what everyone else has already said. Here are a few sites that might interest you:

Gutsploder - A Great site with maps and pictures of most of the north shore trails and stunts.

NSMBA - The north shore mountain bike assocation (non profit group that runs the trails)

The other great thing about the north shore is it’s all extremely close to the city center, there are even public buses that go right past the trail heads.

If you’re comming to Vancouver drop us a line at www.vanuni.com and we can take you on a north shore ride.

its a shore thats up north…duh!

i actually live in mn so i go camping waaaaay up north and will be doing lots of muni/natural trials this summer, but not on those north shore courses, just on shore rocks of superior and up and down trails

vancouver is in canada right? are there any MUni rides up there? I totally want to go. maybe a can convince my parents for a summer vacation :roll_eyes:


North shore would totally suck on a 20".