what the hell!@#$#@@!

ok ,

i dont know if this is from unicycling ( hopping ) but i just realized my right arm is ALOT bigger then my left, you can tell it in my hands to!

anybody else have this prob ??? :astonished:

i have this problem also. but for some reason my left foot is about 2 sizes bigger than my right, and all my fingers on my right hand are bigger than my left. i’m soo confused.



thats wierd eh?

i think it might be from just more muscle growning in your hand from hopping. still strange :astonished:

too much unicycle maintenance?

try going one week without pulling your crank


Thank goodness the skill levels encourage development of the non-dominant side.


Is it really a problem? Maybe the shoe, but if your finger is bigger, work more on your left side, then you will be big and muscular.

You sure its from unicycling?

Or is it from that ‘other’ hobby of yours involving one hand?

Re: what the hell!@#$#@@!

i’m assuming your right hand is your dominant hand in which case it’s probably not as a result of hopping
nost people have a diffence in size between dominant and non-dominant hands
extreme physical activity favouring the dominant hand will increase this difference

Naughty. If this is it, then typing ‘stewardesses’ all the time in stead of thinking of them might cure it. :-p

Klaas Bil