What the hell is this

I saw it on ebay

i think qu-ax sells something like that…

it’s in the catalogue that comes with a new qu-ax. but I’m still not sure what it is.

EDIT: Found it! http://www.qu-ax.de/edata/htmls/3010.html

I have one of those, but it looks a bik different. I think it’s called a skatebike, they are pretty fun for about 10 minutes, then they get boring.

thats just ugly :astonished:

aside from retarded… a peice of junk

those are actrually fun to ride. a friend of mine gave me one, when i saw it in the same place in his house on visits a long time apart.

you think because you can unicycle they would be easy, but they actually hinder side to side turning that you are used to. (picture unicycling, but now having to steer without being able to turn whenever you want, riding it effeciently takes some figuring out)

i’m glad i didn’t pay for one, but it’s fun to play around on, and bring to club meetings for some of the people who might be there with their brothers or sisters or somethin

it’s as retarded as unicycling is