What the Deuce?!

What is the difference between these two uni’s?!

KH 29"

KH 29" “Limited”

I would have posted this in my other thread but I was hoping for a quicker response. In short, my wife and I have 20" trials uni’s and want something bigger for commuting, bumming around town, and some muni stuff. What are your thoughts on the 29"…excessive or impressive?!

PS: wasn’t sure how fast these thing would sell…hopefully not like hotcakes.

The first link goes to a MUni. The second link takes you to a unicycle designed more for the road. The MUni is probably the better option if you’re planning on any intense and technical stuff (you likely wouldn’t be doing anything too technical with a 29, but don’t take my word, I live in Wisconsin and am therefore strictly a distance unicyclist). Road unicycle=strictly road, with some very light offroad.

As to your second question (though I may be interpreting it wrong), I think the 29" is a generally good idea. It’s a nice middleground between a commuter unicycle and something you can use for MUni. Frankly, looking back on it, I’m wishing I had gotten a 29" instead of my 36. Don’t get me wrong, I’m waist deep in love for my 36", but a 29 is more maneuverable and manageable. You can probably take it on the bus too, whereas you can’t with a 36.

Thanks for the response Milosboy. A 36…that’s frig’n HUGE! Yeah, I had been asking around about which would be our best bet and check’n with my wife again confirms that she’d like something to do more road/commuting with very little muni. We had been stuck between the 24 & 26…with a little side glance from me at the 29r.

Great feedback, thanks again!

The offroad 29" has a wider rim and longer cranks, the road version has a slightly less wide rim, shorter cranks and a slightly different seat.

The Nimbus Nomad has the same wheel as the road kh 29, a bombproof but slightly heavier frame, and similar saddle. A lot of unicycle for a bunch less money than the kh.

…but the same frame…which means I could theoretically upgrade it later on to ride muni? Thanks Max!

Well, the first one has a cool video embedded next to it! :smiley:

LOL! This be true my friend, this be true! :smiley:

The KH29 Limited is also built up with the Nimbus 32 hole hub and a 32 hole rim, for weight savings.

From my iPhone, it looks like the MUni is built with more spokes, per usual (im just adding on to what you said). I could be mistaken. The difference in spokes makes the muni much stronger, but also heavier. These simple differences (wide rim, more spokes, big tire) are what make a muni a muni and a roadie a roadie. Remember though, you can use a muni on the streets for commuting whenever you want to. However, you can’t use the KH Limited for muni whenever.

29 vs 36

I have a KH36 and a KH29, I love the 36… it rolls so effortlessly over bumps on the road and is unbelievably smooth, however it is a pain to get on to and take anywhere.

As a comprimise I have got a schlumpf for the 29… just handling the increased speed is my problem now… things happens very quickly when you increase your speed by nearly 50% all of a sudden!!

The 29 is much better for hills too :slight_smile:

The Nimbus Nomad would be a good choice, esp if you’re not sure about what size you’d prefer. It has Magura brake mounts, good rim, good hub, good frame.

Coming from a 20", everything is going to seem big, a 29er more so.

For muni, the bigger wheels have a flatter learning curve, but for road it’ll be fine.

Make sure the Nomad can handle a wider tire (2.4-2.5), the Stout is okay, but many folks like more volume for muni.

If that’s the same frame as the Nimbus II 29er or whatever it was called (it looks like it is), then the 2.3" Stout is probably the widest tire that will fit.
The 2.35" Big Apple almost rubs at the crown, and my 2.25" Wolverine almost rubs at the corners.

The links you posted were to an online store.

That online store features a 1-800 phone number, an email address, and a physical mailing address, all through which you could receive customer support.

And yet you post your question in a thread on an online forum… how does this get you a quicker response than by CALLING THE STORE AND TALKING TO A LIVE PERSON?

Two fold my friend; 1. they were closed and 2. the last time I called the woman I spoke to couldn’t give me more advice that what was online. Come to think of it, there’s a 3rd even better reason for posting my seemingly numb question on this forum; instead of asking someone who more than likely won’t have the answers to my question and or has never ridden any of those uni’s, why not put the question out there for the masses who have more experience with this stuff…and in some cases have actually ridden a 29r. In addition, it helps to have the above feed back at my finger tips so I can quickly access it anytime I or someone else needs it.

And FYI Maes, I did send them an email which they responded back this morning with, “call Josh at the help desk”. I’d say this site has been more than helpful to me and many others…not to mention a lot faster than “talking to a live person”. :wink:

Sorry everyone for the snap response.