what the balls?

5 million bucks??


25 grand?!?!


and now for the balls as per the topic title: http://www.unicycle.com/Shopping/shopexd.asp?id=1158

I was gonna put in my order for the cobalt, but only a classic saddle… :roll_eyes:

Was the site hacked or something?

Either that, or UDC is running low on cash. :roll_eyes:

I’d go 3 million, 4 million tops…but 5!? That’s just too much. :roll_eyes:

i think it was a hack… cm’on fess up!!!

maybe this is UDC’s way of telling us they lost the forbes contest.

Haha Holy crap! That’s exactly what I was thinking!:stuck_out_tongue: They’ll get everybody used to the 5 mill price tag, then drop the price to just 100K (the amount they were hoping to win in the constest) and then they’ll hope somebody will say…wow! that’s a helluva discount from 5 mill! I’ll take it! :slight_smile:

certainly not UDC’s work, the product description and picture actually match.

That’s a really nice uni too, too bad profiles don’t come in 137mm

lol, h4x0r3d…

idk, possibly a joke…? Someone should call and ask what’s up…

I’d guess that this was just some dummy text they put up at some point when they were figuring out how the website worked. I’ve done similar stuff (though never worked on a commercial site, so not exactly like this) when designing web stuff–need to put something in to see how it looks, so just write some crap and post it as a test case.

Ouch! Snarky, Miles! But funny!

Looks like the links are dead already…?

Wow. Shippings still $13.95 for ground. You’d think they’ed hand deliver the dirt uni at least.

me saying that that is a nice uni is funny?

OMFG… With 5.000.000 i can buy my own Unicycle Industrie!

What is the frame of the first uniii???

the sad part is they would accually charge you 5,000,000 bucks if you chose to buy it. What if thats somebodys dream uni and they cant get it because of the a-holes who put that up there.

If that was somebody’s dream unicycle they could get it from UDC.

UDC makes custom unicycles to your specs if you ask them so you could definitely have them build it up for you.

I also bet that they would sell it if you offered them a grand (assuming it is actually in stock). You could get it for 99.98% off!

Geez, I just tried to open unicycle.com and when I clicked on the cruiser link in the unicycles, I got a red boxed warning that a trojan was trying to do what ever they do?? and the thing went to quarantine. (As you can tell, I don’t know much technical computer stuff). UDC must have been attacked.

Just think how much money you would be saving. :astonished:

I don’t think your getting the big picture…

They’d just end up buying all the parts.