What the back part of the T7 handle is for:

For those of you wondering, I’ve demonstrated what the back part of the T7 is for: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27NBqqQ6-hU Why would you want to remove that and lose out on the fun?:slight_smile:

Note: be careful not to UPD or try and dismount over the front, you just may nut yourself on the wheel.

Haha thats cool but you could just hold on to the seat if the handle wasn’t there.

When I had a coker I did nut myself on the wheel once doing that. I was under 5’ tall so it was kind of dangerous:o

That’s cool, bu it does make you a complete sucker in a game of gladiators.

I wish I had people around to play uni gladiators with…

Play gladiators against friends on skateboards. The skateboarders lose once they put a foot on the ground. I don’t know how even of a match it would be between a unicycle and a skateboard, but it would certainly be fun to see on video.

How then would they move? Haha.

You push them of course. :smiley:
I think they’ll be able to maneuver enough. They’ll be able to take advantage of the force from you pushing on them. They’ll be able to walk the board or twist it by going up on the front or rear wheels.

I really don’t know how even of a match up it would be.

Without them being able to touch the ground to move I think uni would win hands down. Bikes vs. unis would be a better match I believe.

Seat drag that thing|!

no its not, the unis can stall and are way more manuaverable, all you have to do is get next to a biker and pull thier front break really hard and they flip :smiley:

i dont think you go fast enough in uni gladiators to flip over the handlebars of a bike if you slam theiir brakes on however. just push a bike sideways and theyre screwed.

no you can pull it off, ive done it before