What terms are used for unicyclists?

I thought this might be fun and interesting.

There’s of course Unicyclist, and then monocyclist?

Well if you’ve heard some others post em up, or make up your own.

I think Crotch Hoppers is a good one.

Made-up names for the activity: uniwheeler, one-wheeled cyclist, monopedaller, tantric cyclist :slight_smile:

Made-up names for the machine: PFB (permanently folded bike), PDDU (pre-dakoroman drive unicycle :D), yogic bicycle

Let’s expand this thread by telling us the names you’ve heard “non riders” use for us in passing. I’ll contribute (in the realm of MUNI):

Mountain Bike Unicycle (no kidding!)
One Wheeled Bike

Singlecycles/singlecyclists :roll_eyes:

Some chav commented on my “unibike”. He seemed lost when I said to think about it.




I had a very young kid squeal, "It’s one of those CIRCUS RIDERS.

I do find it irritating how most people associate the unicycle with the circus. The circus is fun though, and I can’t juggle, or any of that stuff, but it feels so negative when people say it…

unibike, that’s great.

Same here when ever my parents friends see me there like “ are you going to runn off and join the circus ”
Also I get mad when I’m in the library and I’m looking at unis and people think its a joke

But hey, you don’t need other peoples acceptance, plus you always have the ability to change their minds. Just bust out a uni spin or do some grinds :wink: People don’t know what you can do :slight_smile:


It’ a one-legged bicycle.

dang, i was gonna say Tricyclist, but was too late

as mentioned in another post : “lost-a-wheeler” (rodomancat)

“Did you see the guy on that half-bike?” I got that today.

halfcycle! lol

eenwieler :smiley: (in dutch:))

Let’s not forget UNICYCLE = [THREAD=43951]CHICK[/THREAD] MAGNET!

Heard someone call out, ‘Look at that one-wheeled penny farthing’