What suitcase will fit a pullapart nimbus 6 foot in?

Hey everyone just wondering for travelling unicyclists which suitcase they use when doing air travel that will fit a pull apart nimbus 6 foot inside. Ideally I’m looking for a good brand, like samsonite, hardshell that weighs 5kg or less and that fits 158 linear dimensions. The one I have at the moment wont fit my 20 inch wheel inside. Help please. Also ideally one i can buy online, so people have recommended some brands and styles but they dont sell them anymore.

What are the dimensions of the various parts?


the wheel is 20 inch and currently the unicycle I have, but want a lighter option the largest section is 50cm in length, I really need something that internally has 52cm by 52cm by at least 30 in depth, I also need to fit in my stuff n things amp which is the size of two shoe boxes.
The case I just bought is 76x53x32 but the probably is the inner dimensions width is only 48cm so the wheel doesnt fit, even if you tilt it due to the other unicycle parts it is too big to fit in the case.
Anyone out there help, please.
I’m based in new zealand and I’ve looked at every suitcase shop here but no luck they either fit the unicycle but are not strong enough (ideally I want a hardshell case with tsa locks) or they are older style but too heavy.