What street unicycle should I buy.

I have been unicycling on and off for 2 years now on a very basic ebay unicycle and I will have time this summer to unicycle more, I want to get into street unicycling and am completely lost as to what unicycle to buy.
Bearing in mind that I don’t want to spend more than 250 euro.

This looks really good for your price-range:


Though the saddle is a bit large. Just make sure you go for an ISIS hub.

Thank you

Thank you very much, this does look great and I will seriously consider it.
Only thing is would the crown be difficult to keep your foot on as opposed to one with a flat crown and grip cut into it.

I find Nimbus crowns to be quite grippy. Those little ‘lugs’ on either side help lock your foot on.

The grip on crowns really doesn’t do very much. I’ve found that the Nimbus crown isn’t much different feeling than other flat crowns.

My nimbus crown is better than my kh because it locks your foot

Thanks for all the great replies

All these replies are great and really helpful. I was so confused and these have given a really good guideline.

So what did ya end up getting?