What state/ country are you from

so basicly say your state or country. if you see others in your state maybe you will meet someone new.


Hi my name is Nick and I live in in st malo manitoba ,canada

Ca, USA. :slight_smile: And I’m very happy and thankful to live here as well! :D:D:D:D

I live in brentwood. You’ll should know, cause I’m fricking CANADIAN.

Michigan, USA

To cold for me !

Brazil!! The problem here is that is really difficult to buy unicycle parts and unicycles because you dont find them here.


Interestingly enough, I’ve only ever been on one “ride” in PA, in the Pine Grove Furnace State Park. I learned to ride while living/working in Virginia, and go to school in Texas…so most of the year I’m not in PA, regrettably.

i’m from st. louis mo

I’m half canadian and half german, living in the Netherlands at the moment.

I’m with terry CA, USA Rock :sunglasses:

Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I hope to someday live in LA though.

São Paulo, Brazil :smiley:


Why’s that? What’s wrong with Toronto? I love Toronto and Ontario’s nature! (don’t know LA though)

Tasmania, Australia… And i like it here:)

texas!! FTL;) !! its to hot

TEXAS!!! WOOP WOOP, huh, there seem to be a lot of texan unicyclists. im about to make a move up to utah for a month, its much too hot to do anything in texas.

France (in Europe) :roll_eyes:



I come from land of thousands lakes…:smiley: Finland!