What sports have you ditched for unicycing?

As the title states…
What sports have you ditched to ride your uni?
I hadnt really thought about it till yesterday, but it seems i have ditched my road bike for my uni!
I would rather go for a ride on my uni than bust out 45-50kms on my bike.
Just curious as to what other sports people have let slip.
I still plan to get the bike out as often as i can but the uni is more appealing at the moment as i am making good progress.

I learned to unicycle back when I was in the 7th grade. I never learned to do anything more than ride and idle. Shortly after that I got interested in bicycling. Got a touring bike and did some loaded touring. Then got a racing style road bike and got interested in the go fast aspect. That continued until 10 years ago when I bought a Pashley MUni and got bitten by the unicycling bug again. In those 10 years the road bike got ZERO use. I finally sold the road bike this year. I replaced it with a fixed gear bike.

I’ve been using the fixed gear bike for trips to Seattle or Bellevue that are too long to consider on the Coker. I’m trying to drive the car less. A ride to Seattle is a 40 to 50 mile round trip. Too far for a reasonable Coker ride but quite reasonable on the fixie bike.

I’ve been riding the fixie more than the Coker in the past month. So now the question is am I going to ditch unicycling for the fixie? :astonished:

Isn’t giving up bicycling for unicycling just part of a natural progression? :wink:

I’ve played a lot of different sports throughout my life, but other than bicycling, the only other sport that I would say I was ever really into was basketball. And, well, I play unicycle basketball from time to time now. Long before I learned to unicycle, I gave up basketball because I got tired of wrecking my ankles.

So, have I really ditched anything? I’m still a cyclist, and now I play basketball again, just not “foot-basketball.”

I used to MTN bike a lot more. Nothing special, just messing around a lot, and I’d ride with my dad while he ran (he’s a marathon runner).

I haven’t exactly ditched it though. I’d still love to do it more, but I need to buy a new bike and unicycles always seem to come first…

I used to be into freeride dirtjumping on bikes

Tennis :smiley:

Not really sports but I’ve pretty much stopped knitting and drawing.

I skateboarded for like 8 years before I picked up a unicycle. I can still outskate most of the kids at the skateparks.

I havent gave up anything.

nothing, still do wrestling all the time:D , a little football, (2 hours a day :angry: ) and soccer :sunglasses:

Well I ditched bad eating if that counts… In an effort to become stronger to build stamina/ hop height I have began to watch what I eat. I have gained a considerable amount of muscle since I began to uni and can wear the clothes I was planning on tossing out this summer from about 2years ago.

all of them.

-Shaun Johanneson

Nothing, I didn’t play sports before and now I still don’t.

Why the need to ditch any sports?

I’m riding my roadbike more now than before I started unicycling.

I used to ride my Mountain bike every day, now I unicycle everyday and im lucky if I ride my bike once in 2 weeks.

I gave up video games and wrestling, and I don’t regret it whatsoever. :smiley:

soccer and video games

the sports I really enjoy go together well: footbag, unicycling, and running. so I haven’t had to give them up.

I don’t mountain bike very often anymore, although I still enjoy it–but if I only have time to go for one ride, I’d rather it be a muni ride.

I also spend little time at the skatepark these days, which is a bit of a shame, as I have lots of fun on the skateboard (although I’m pathetically stuck in the 1970s when I learned to ride). But I longboard to work pretty often still.

I kind of ditched windsurfing. With the birth of my son I couldn’t do the weekend trips to the columbia river gorge anymore, so I picked up uni’ing as something challenging I could just walk out the door and do. Sold all my windsurfing gear this year, picked up a couple new uni’s. I like the workout I can get on a uni in a relatively short period of time (a lot of hills around my house). Havn’t been on the roadbike since either.