What spec + type of trials uni?

I have had a reasonably cheap muni for a while now (£80 quax muni cross). i learnt to ride on it am now feel i have out grown it. i have started doing some drops (2-3 feet) an my muni apperently is not designed for any jumping (its says so on the web site) an can idle for ages + ride backwards an stuff. so i have decided to buy a trials unicycle but don’t really no where to start as there are so many at a range of prices from £100 ish to £400 e.t.c. so wanted some help on an intermediate type trials uni. any suggestions?

Well since u live in europe Id suggest you a koxx devil…

Koxx Trials “Devil”

I dont own one but I do own the Hub/Crank set and i love it, I also have heard good htings about the tryall tires and the koxx gel seats. You can also buy one in the UK here

Well, get the splined Qu-ax.

We’re only suggesting the Koxx because we can’t get them :frowning:

A Qu-Ax trials will serve you well, and they’re relatively cheap (over here anyway)… basically you want something with a splined hub and crankset.


Qu-ax trials is an amazing uni for it’s price, I’ve been abusing it for 8 months now, regularly doing 4 to 5 feet drops, and the cranks and hub are still in tip top shape. Ofcourse, the Koxx Devil is better, but you’re paying a lot more.

thanks for the info. i relised all the cheap ones don’t have a splined hub. i was thinkin about this one:


what people think?

The ONZA is just about the same as the Qu-ax, but the Qu-ax has the added advantage of having 48 spokes, instead of 36, making it all just that extra bit more rigid. Besides, the Qu-ax is cheaper (But I can’t find it on unicycle.com…), maybe you should check out www.municycle.com (It’s in Germany though, but they have EXCELLENT service).

48 = more weight

The qu-ax trials weights 6.55 kg, my onza trials weights 5.8kg…

It is NOT the same unicycle…

I would go with the ONZA. It is a great unicycle. If you get the 05 model, it will have the same hub and crankset as the 05 Kris Holm model. I have had it for around 3 months and i LOVE it. I bought one when unicycle.com had them on sell for $300 U.S.

I have gone off multiple drops…some exceding 4 foot almost 5… I have had no problems with it whatsoever.


Yea, that looks great, and it’s on sale… lucky…