What Sort of Unicycle Should I Get?

I just started unicycling 2 months ago and at the moment I’m 20" beginner unicycle with metal mountain bike pedals and a trials tyre.

I enjoy riding off road (especially downhill) but I also like doing drops etc. and I can’t jump very high so I thought a trials unicycle might be good. I am also thinking I could upgrade to a MUni but I tried a 24" and I didn’t really like it and found it harder and less maneouverable.

I’m almost 15, 60kg, 175cm, and can ride down reasonably steep hills, do 90cm drops, and want to ride off rode, but I’m not very good at jumping upwards.

So what sort of unicycle should I upgrade too?

I look forward to everyone’s comments,

It sounds like you already decided you want a trias uni, this thread might help you and is still recent.

Have you broke much on your current set up yet? If not you could try a wider tire and maybe longer cranks for more torque. Changing the tire or cranks can make a huge difference in how a unicycle handles and where you can ride it but doesn’t help you not break it :slight_smile:

We can help you choose a new uni better if we know a price range you are looking at and what country you live in.

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No nothing broken yet, except the plastic pedals it came with. I only paid 175 New Zealand dollars ($110 USD) for it so I’m ahppy how the current one’s going. I think I’ll definitely need to upgrade soon though. And I should have enough money after christmas.

So yeah I live in New Zealand so it seems like the best place to buy is unicycle.com. And looking to pay no more than $400 US really.

can’t say I disagree! hehe, I started that thread. :slight_smile: