What song for my new video?

Hey I was thinking of driving down to SD tomorrow or Saturday, in search of some decent technical MUni trails. Since you live in SD, do have any recommendations? I’ve done Elfin Forest but that’s about it since I don’t get down there much. I’ve hear that “World cup”, “Iron Mountain”, “flightline” and “Noble canyon” asre all really good. I wanted to check out Iron Mtn for sure.

You may be a music geezer. :astonished:

My issue is mostly with the loudness war. I’m physically unable to listen to many modern CDs. I tried listening to Mars Volta’s Amputechture album last week on CD and couldn’t get past the second song. My ears were hurting and feeling assaulted. The constant loudness sucks away emotion and musical nuance. The music becomes flat and assaulting. How does the iPod generation listen and enjoy that kind of recording on headphones? I find it physically impossible. If that Mars Volta CD was mastered 10 years ago before the loudness war I might like their music. As it is today, it is impossible for me to listen to it.

Bathory - Nordland, or Forever Darkwoods

Walk Like an Egyptian The Bangles
I Think We’re Alone, Now Tiffany
These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ Nancy Sinatra
Sweet Pea Tommy James and the Shondells
Girl You Know It’s True Milli Vanilli

Entombment of a machine- job for a cowboy… :stuck_out_tongue:

not most peoples taste in music though

Now there’s music with universal appeal! :roll_eyes:

a nice easy listening feel eh?

Almost too easy listening…I nearly dozed off a couple times. Yeah I need something with more energy!:stuck_out_tongue:

I have harder stuff hahaha… but I dont really like it. search anything from behemoth its scary

Besides the HORRID double kick, and the lack of any pitch in that guys screaming, it was really good.

Change vocals to Dani Filth, and the double kicking over to the drummer from Nile and you have a win.

Are you talking about the screaming? or the death growl