What song for my new video?

Just like to get suggestions and I’m looking for a song that would fit my new viddy. It was shot on a trail with lots of running creeks and streams, both from recent rains and melting snow filtering down into the canyon.

So I was thinking of: Talking heads: “Take me to the river”, CCR: “Rolling on the river”, The Band: “Up on cripple creek”, Deep Purple: “Smoke on the water”, and so on. Any other ideas? I’d like something with energy and upbeat, but not to heavy lol!

I’m all finished editing so I just need a cool song that fits this theme. Thanks!:smiley:

Feuer Frei! By Rammstein

Try something heavy, maybe you’ll get better ratings? :smiley:

You may have the attitude of a 20 year old but your music taste has obviously some what matured hehe :smiley:

Haha that gave me a laugh thanks! I’ll check that out thanks…is that a song with a “water/river” theme? The music I usually select is what I grew up listening too, and much of it is pretty classic, feel good music.

It’s ceratinly no secret that I’m 52, and I guess I just feel more of a connection with stuff from my era lol! As for ratings, I’m more than pleased with all the 5-star ratings and more than 100,000 views to my 85+ vids.:D:p :sunglasses: :slight_smile:

Islands in the stream… Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers… lol!

haha “lol” is right! :astonished:

Water- The Who
Water Stop- Dispatch
Sea Legs- The Shins
The Ocean- Led Zeppelin
Face A La Mer- Calogero

Really I think you should use something that fits the beat of the editing and the feel of the video, regardless of what the title and lyrics are.

I was kidding about Rammstein by the way, you might have a heart attack.

Kidding, kidding, your awesome :smiley:

I like that one!

I actually tried to DL it on Ares, but couldn’t get it.

I’m not 52 yet (not even 42 yet), but I have officially declared myself a music geezer. When it gets to the point that the music the current generation is listening to is physically unlistenable to you then it is time to acknowledge that you are entering geezerdom.

As part of my counseling I am publicly admitting that I prefer classic rock and classic alternative rock and geezer music to the noise that passes as the current generation of music. I am a geezer and no longer hip. And now I can be proud of it.

You may be a geezer too. Don’t be afraid to admit it. It is not healthy to live in denial.

Well, I decided on classic rock, but this group is still considered pretty “hip” today lol! :sunglasses: And it was suggested in a previous post. The way I look at it, a great song is great, no matter when it was made. :slight_smile:


I’m no geezer but I cant stand rap and the other crap they come out with these days.

I much prefer classic rock.

move by thousand foot krutch

It’s Coming Down by CAKE

Ahhhhhhhh!!! There’s this really awesome Roy Hargrove song… but I don’t know what it’s called… I just learned it while I was watching him play in Port Townesend…

How about VvV (VulvaVoid) by King Missile? Or some Pat Metheny? The Girls Next Door is a good one…

beware: old geezer advice!

though this does not directly answer your question I would like to see a muni video illustrated with a famous french song : “gare au gorille” (beware the gorilla) see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Zaf3GRaQjI (with original author Georges Brassens) - it has been adapted in various languages (in spanish “ojo al gorila”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xL04KzKWeq8 ). the music looks very simple (though it isn’t) the story is well :smiley: … but the rythm is specially suited to Muni : Here comes the Gorilla !

Hell, I’m 21 and can’t stand most of the poop people listen to nowadays!

I’m a geezer now, too? :slight_smile:

+1 I’m 15 and I’ma music gezzer, hehe

I was a music geezer for a while, but I’m not totally anymore, if that makes any sense. I used to only listen to classic rock, but lately I’ve been listening to mostly newer stuff, but none of the ©rap that everyone else os listening to. I still like the classic stuff, but I like some of the newer stuff too.
Oh yeah, I’m 17.


hey, if your looking for another song, get green day: no one knows. Love that song, its nice and relaxing. Either that or one of their instrumentals