What Skills to Build

I am just getting back into the unicycle world after 20 years or so not doing it, and now I am addicted again. I got a new unicycle (a KH20 Flatland) and have been using it a lot over the past month. I consider myself between Level 3 and 4.

In the past month, I learned three new mounts in addition to a standard free mount (running, side, jump), learned how to ride with my stomach on the seat, making progress on seat out in front, started making a little progress on walking the wheel.

As I am getting back into it I am realizing where my interests are. A few flatland/street tricks, some trials, and Muni.

I am able to ride off of some pretty large drops, but have never really worked on hopping up curbs or other things. I have to dismount if I want to go up a curb or the like. I can hop up and down holding on to the seat with both hands, I don’t get much air.

What list of skills in what order should I work on to accomplish what I want to do, which is to be able to do some flatland tricks, jump over/on-top of things and be able to do some serious muni without dismounting much?

Sounds like you have your work cut out for you then. Start small: curbs, steps, planter boxes, eventually you’ll be jumping picnic tables.

Once you have the jumping down, work on minimizing your effort, until your jump doesn’t actually catch you any air. This helps muni, when you can roll over large rocks and logs without expending a lot of energy. The So. Cal. guys call this “tractoring”. Be the tractor.

Also minimize the effort with which you grab your handle / seat / etc. Beginners tend to grip things so tightly their arms get sore.

That should be enough for a few months of practice!

Yay, tonight I was able to hop over a curb, by running my tire pressure to about 20PSI and hopping perpendicular to it, then over. I’m addicted, though I am thinking about getting a trials wheel for my frame.