What skills are easier to learn on a larger wheel?

I know wheel walking is supposed to be a lot easier on a large wheel.
I’ve heard that ulitimate wheel is also easier on a 28" or so.
What else?
It seems like riding (not hopping) up and down stairs would be easier on a larger wheel, as well. Is this true?

Is wheel walking really supposed to be easier on a larger wheel? I’m not so sure. I can wheel walk a tiny 12" wheel, but couldn’t do the same skill on a 36" coker. Now, that had less to do with the actual wheelsize but more with the weight and inertia of the big, cumbersome wheel.

Seat drag…

I think wheel walking is easiest on a 20".

that’s probably because your legs are way scrunched up on the coker, and they have a ton more room on a normal uni. but on say 20" vs. 24" it’s supposedly easier on a 24" wheel.

and also any seat drag/ultimate wheel skill is definitely easier with a bigger wheel.