What skaters have to say on videos from me, chris and muzzle.

I found this http://skateboard-city.com/messageboard/showthread.php?t=167890 looking at the statistics of my video (it shows what sites linked to it).

They haven’t said much yet, but I’m still curious what they will say.

the age old comment is in the third post

it still makes me laugh:p


Funny, I’ve always been kinda annoyed by it… haha.

I wish they would say more… this is boring.

hm its probably a very high paced forum…
but what is this?

and spanish?

Lol awesome. Cool to see the muz in there.

haha I bumped it guys.

just spanish I think

the two have a lot of cognates


I love how the guy responded to the ball crushing comment acting like he knows the sport by going “yah, pretty much”.

He should be slapped.

Hehe, I just did a Pele.

haha, I’ll get you back next time the thread needs some bumping.

“Those handrails were fuckin rad. that chris guy totally raped that call out.”

heh heh…
whaddya mean “bumping?”
there’s only 5 threads in that forum(off topic videos) :thinking:

I really want to post and correct those people…

But I guess I won’t.

That ball crushing comment pisses me off so much… If a BMX’er misses the pedals, he busts his balls too… Gotta love how the extra wheel disguises the pain between the legs :roll_eyes:

smooth guys… I should throw in a comment for Muz… and someone needs to give the guy who thinks he knows about unicycling(the one who said yeah pretty much to the ball crushing comment) a virtual slap across the face… or a kick in the groin…

Haha that was me.



Now that you’ve pointed that out, that thread will die. You’ve betrayed your uni brethren.

Lol, I don’t think it will die, however now we wont get an honest response from the skater people…

My guess is that Pele is sk8rrr… lol, being how he said the first one is amazing…

It is amazing, but it is something Pele would do. :stuck_out_tongue: