What Size??

I am looking to order a single bolt Bike seat post clamp for my KH20.
But on the website they are measured in inches which one do i need.
The sizes are :
1 1/8"
1 1/4"



1 1/8" should be it.

edit: Of course I can’t see why having a single bolt clamp will help other than aesthetics.

On the UDC.uk site it has a listing for a seatpost clamp to fit the KH frames that is 31.8mm. That would make it 1.251968503937007874", or simply 1 1/4".

Here is the link to the listing with that measurement:


yea im getting mt uni PC’d white so i figured a red anodized single bolt would look nice!

IS THIS RIGHT?!?!?! im about to order! :stuck_out_tongue: