What size unicycle does kris holm use in this video?

Hi there can sum1 tell me what size this unicycle is. I think its a 20" but I might be rong, can sum1 confirm this.

Part 2 of quastion. I have a 20" cheap ebay unicycle at the moment and want to get sumthing better. I really want a kris holm but its a bit out of my price range and i’m not rly expierenced enough yet. I was thinking of getting a Nimbus 20" or 24" but can’t decide which one to get. I enjoy my 20" and it’s a good size but can’t go tht quickly and not good for lond distances. A 24" unicycle is rly big and doesn’t seem very practical. I rly can’t decide which one to get. I want to do the london to brighton cycle race next year and am going to get a coker for it. This will mean I will have a good uni for long distances and one for just going through the woods and stuff.

I wanna start off roading and won’t be going more than about 5 miles at a time. I will normally go 2-3 miles. I think the unicycle in this video is a good size, and practical to carry and doesn’t look freakishly big.

What size unis do you all have here, and what is your favourite size.

Also, just found this video:

if i’m not mistaken, these r 24" unics. These actually don’t look too big. correct me if i’m rong.

Eye em sum1 hoo cen cunferm thet u r rong. Hee uzez uh 24" one-oh-cycle inn thu vidios thet u sho. Whare did u lern 2 spel?

This iz mye 7500 post. Eye thenk eye wil kwit, now.

Kris rides a 24".

Nope, I’m English, I just couldn’t be bothered to write out the whole words and check through the whole thread for every single spelling mistake.

You should bother yourself with it.

That looks nothing like a 20" wheel.

@ The rest:
Be easy on him, guys. He probably hasn’t learned how to type properly yet.

Woah. That was so patronising and unnecessary. By the way I’m only 14 and havn’t been unicycling that long so sorry for not knowing what every single unicycle looks like.

Anyway i’m still a teenager and it’s called internet slang. Means you can spend less time writing. Beacuse i’m lazy.

We’ll have to remember this philosophy when we’re deciding if it’s worth the energy to interpret and respond to your posts.

Be warned that the less you can be bothered with your posts, the less people can be bothered to help you. Everyone makes typos from time to time, which is fine, but downright laziness or deliberate misspelling won’t help you get the answers or assistance you are looking for.


Haha, I think it should be moved in JC now:p or someone should creat a thread like this in JC. I can’t read that part… 743n 17 c@nc31$ 0u7 y0ur $@v3d 71m3.

I wasn’t quite that bad.

haha i like how you’ve made your grammar perfect now since everyone complained.

What did you want him to do? Keep his grammar bad so that you could flame him some more…

I now write perfectly and have on the other posts I have made since then and will continue to do so in the future.