What size should I buy?

Hey you guys I was hoping you could help me out!
I want to start unicycling (go figure!) and I really don’t know what size wheel to get! First off I just wanna say I’m 16 and only weigh around 140 so I’m not too heavy (6’). Also I don’t really have a lot of money so I’m hoping to find something on the cheaper side, that aside I’m trying yo’z figure out what size would be best. I live in a city type area and I think ill be using this mostly for commute, please help!

Best unicycle to start learning on is a 20". Tall people can manage well on a 24" also.

If you intend to stick with it and like BMX/Skate style tricks then a trials (19") unicycle might be a good investment, otherwise a cheap 20" learner until you know what you want to do is a good idea.

The smaller wheels are much easier to learn on and easier to step off from if you lose balance :slight_smile:

Thanks man! :smiley:

I learned on a 24… but if the long term goal is commuting getting a cheap 20 or 24 trainer unicycle just to learn and then moving up to a 29 or 36 after you build up some experience would be the way to go.

If you’re 16 and 6’, I’d say go with a Torker 24". While the 20s are usually regarded as the preferred “learner” size, I think in your case you would be better served with the 24. Just my opinion.

I’m 6’ 155 lb, 24" is the way to go, nothing smaller. Especially for a beginner not focusing on trials. I recommend the Nimbus II 24" if you can afford it.

As already stated your beginner unicycle should depend on your goals.

A 20 or 24" will do fine depending on whether or not you want to get into tricks or commuting. You are on a tight budget, now here is a question you should ask yourelf when deciding on what quality of a unicycle to buy. Are you:

A)learning to ride a unicycle to say you did it

B)the sport intrigues you and you are learning to ride because you want to be a unicyclist.

If A) buy a cheap and cheerful Club, Torker, Norco, what ever you can get your hands on.

If B) Buy a Nimbus, Quax or equivalent. Something with a strong ISIS drive hub. This will not only save you money down the road and hold up to some actual riding but it will allow you upgrade options and dependability.

I started with the cheap Norco having known nothing about a unicycle and not coming on the forum. Now my Norco is sitting behind with a bent hub because i hopped off some curbs… My Kris Holm Trials however is sitting in the stand begging for a ride… My brother purchased the Nimbus 19" trials and is doing drops of up to 6’, uni spins, idling, riding backwards etc. and the unicycle is SOLID. Cheap is expensive and expensive is cheap.

True a uni w/ a ISIS hub will last, but until u ride for a while and watch a bunch of videos you prob won’t know what interests u the most.

I got a cheap Muni as my first. Now I’d get something like a Torker LX and start saving up for a KH, then use the LX for learning tricks and a loaner. Now that I have a Muni it’s hard to force myself to get anotgher.

And size… I agree for u prob a 24.

Personally, I learned on a cheap 20" which sits around unused now, unless I get an opportunity to accompany my wife in her powered wheelchair in a park for a few miles. :smiley:

Knowing then what I know now, I would have probably bought a 19" trials to learn to ride on.

I am also 6 feet tall and weigh over 190 lbs. I know a 24 is a good size to learn on for us tall guys, but my 24" is a QU-Ax MUni and I like it that way. It would be too heavy to learn normal riding on (imho) but is excellent for the very rough bridleways I have started to ride.

If I’d bought a 24" to learn to ride on, it too would now be sitting around unused apart from occasional ‘walks’ in the park.

A Trials unicycle, on the other hand, would currently be taken out daily for skills practice - stalls, balance, hopping, idling, etc. - as it would just be so easy to grab it and walk out the door… :sunglasses: